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What kind of fruit grows in Nica? Popoyo's amazing surf, although reason enough to live here full time, is not the only thing keeping me stoked here. The tasty fruit abounding in my yard takes a close second easily.

There are green coconut trees, yellow coconut trees, baby avocados, a lime tree, a lemon tree, almond trees, cashew trees, orange trees, olive trees, banana trees, green peppers, cilantro and papaya trees. Although not all in season right now, we are harvesting some of the tastiest mangos and coconuts mother nature has to offer right now.

The first thing you'll see as you walk away from the little villa is a 6 year old Mango tree. She is in her second year of being a producer of some really sweet fruit and I'll tell you what, she's firing on all 8 cylinders for being a youngster! Usually mangos in general are harvested earlier in the year but this variety, Mango Rosa, is a late bloomer being towards the very end of their summer or dry season.
The Mango photos give you a good idea of the color and size of this particular variety named Mango Rosa. Small but sweet as can be.
Cut a few slippery slices off, enjoy the sweetness while laying in one of the comfortable hammocks feeling the tropical breeze and admiring the ocean view...

In the first photo you can see one of our many green coconut trees. Full grown green coconuts provide excellent coconut milk high in vitamins. A fantastic ingredient to cook with, make delicious fresh smoothies, or simply drink right off the tree. These babies are better for the meat that they produce. They do produce milk, but not as much and not as sweet as the green coconuts. However the meaty part is super tasty and that's what I personally like.

I've got my eyes on our 1 year old baby avocado tree which is grafted to a high yield early producing female cutting. I'm told that she could be producing some nice avocados within the next 2-3 years. I'm definitely looking forward to this one bearing fruit.

The flower that looks similar to a plumeria but has different shades of pink has an incredible aroma! Pick a few stems to put in your vase and now you have a natural fragrance that can not be copied and reproduced!

Well we just received our first rain the other night and more will be on it's ways, so check back soon to see first hand the metamorphosis that will take place over the next few weeks. Summer "Verano" to Winter "Invierno"!

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Thursday, October 06, 2011 8:57 AM
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Friday, February 10, 2012 1:08 AM
I want to propagate some popoya so the information that i got from reading this information is great. when i went to vietnam i noticed that the plant can thrive even in areas where other trees are found and it seemed like it required little care. thank you

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